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Replace all teeth

There are two alternatives: treatment with a complete dentures or dental implants and bridges

tourisme dentaire implant tunisie

  • As an alternative to wearing a full denture (if there is adequate bone or bone augmentation procedures can be performed to grow sufficient bone) multiple implants can be placed across the jawbone to provide support for a fixed bridge.
  • This procedure is similar to those described for single or multiple implants but requires careful diagnosis, planning and coordination before treatment begins. This attention to detail will ensure that an appropriate number of implants can safely be placed in positions that will allow your dentist to fabricate a bridge which will meet your needs and expectations. 
  • The number of implants necessary for a full-arch fixed bridge varies depending on your particular anatomy, the opposing teeth, the type of bridge you want to have placed and the number of teeth you want or need to replace with the prosthesis.





An implant overdenture fits over a dental implant with various types of attachments that provide you with excellent stability and retention of your complete dentures. The implant overdenture is a full denture used to replace the teeth in a full-arch where all the teeth are missing. In essence, it is a larger version of the implant assisted removable partial denture (IRPD). The denture can "snap" into place to afford you more comfort, and improved chewing ability. Implant overdentures are held in place by various dental attachments selected by your restorative doctor to provide maximum retention, and increased chewing ability. The implant overdenture is removable to facilitate cleaning of the implant supporting structure. Implant overdentures can be made to look extremely natural and feel comfortable.




Unitary or partial

There are two alternatives: treatment with a bridge or a dental implant. Treatment with a bridge may not be possible depending on the location of the missing tooth.
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Bone regeneration

and graft

Some people do not have enough healthy natural bone to support dental implants. Several techniques are used to rebuild bone, restore your natural jaw line and smile, and provide a strong and sturdy foundation for implant-supported teeth.

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